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    Rules and shit

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    Rules and shit Empty Rules and shit

    Post  Snoop Dogg on Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:17 am

    1.Have fun

    2.Flaming is always aloud unless your a noob.

    3.Don't follow any of the rules because under this section there are no rules (unless it's mentioned by this post).

    4.Don't be a sissy and report verbal assaults against you during a freestyle, just because your getting pawned and humiliated by a better rapper doesn't mean your allowed to hit the report button, were not your parents you have your mommy there for a reason use her!

    5.If you lose in an official match then you shall be banned via virtual drive by shooting of your account hence the result being your accounts death by real Gangstas. Lol I kid I kid, calm down you Noob.

    Rules and shit Portgas_D__Ace_Signature_by_KingsJoy

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