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    Post  Sanji on Wed May 16, 2012 1:19 am

    Rules Of MangaWorld Forums

    1. Do not spam any part of the site: regardless of who you are or what you do on the site, spamming will result in an infraction or a ban. With spam we mean advertising, one-word posts, completely off-topic posts, double-posts, multi-posts, being a dumbass, etc.

    2. Do not, for any reason, harass the Admins or Mods. We understand you may need help but please realize that the Staff have a life outside the site (yes, we have lives, unlike you) and may not always have time to reply to your questions. VM or PM them once. If after two days you still do not have a response, try again. If after another day there's still no response, try contacting another Mod or Admin. Common sense. Do you have it?

    3. Do not cuss at any of the members on the site- If you're angry at someone on the site please contact one of the Staff members and we will take care of it. Regular cussing is allowed though, as long as it's not directed at anyone on the site and if it isn't meant to offend someone's race, religious beliefs, gender, etc. Unless it's any of the aforementioned, we don't give a fuck.

    4. Do not post pornographic material on the site- We may have members that are under the age of 18 and posting this type of stuff is not wanted and result in an infraction or a ban, depending on what it is. Besides, some of us just don't want to see that shit. How would you feel if spammed porn that disgusts you on your profile? Like, I dunno, grandma porn or something. Exactly.

    5. Do not flame other members- There is a difference between helping and insulting. Unless they deserve it by trolling or making stupid/useless posts.

    6. Do not randomly request that the site closes down a section. We make each section for a certain reason. Unless you have a valid reason (too much trolling in said section, doesn't fit the site, etc) just stfu.

    7. Do not request to join the Staff- We will let you be a Staff member when you have proven yourself and we actually need the help. When we need help we'll post an announcement in the MangaLand section. Otherwise, stfu.

    8. Do not mess with
    Suzume- she is the only female Staff member on the site and any inappropriate actions towards her will result in perma ban. Also, Ace will most definitely hunt you down and obliterate you if you upset her. Just because us Staff joke around like that doesn't mean we like it when people we don't know do it. Also, if she doesn't like you, you're screwed as well. So be careful what you say to her, she'll eat you alive.

    9. Do not mess with Ace because you will get trolled and he will make you leave the site crying and shit, also because he is sexy any (hot) female member has to show him her "belongings", if you will, provided that she is over the age of 18.

    10. Do not mess with バットマン. He's Ace's son so if you don't want to be burned to death then just don't. Also, he's Batman. 'Nuff said.

    11. Do not mess with Sanji- I'm a very busy person and do not have time to deal with people's crap and complaining. I do a lot of work on the site and I do not suggest you complain about it. Also, insulting me will end in you being perma banned. Sorry but it has to be that way or no one would take me seriously.

    12. Do not mess with Tobi. 'Cause he's Tobi. And he will troll you until you die a very painful and pathetic death. You've been warned.

    13. Do not bring your drama onto the site- we don't care about your personal issues. This is not Yahoo Answers. GTFO and take your emotional luggage with you.

    14. Do not make shitty this-religion-is-bull-threads. Many people come from many different cultures and have different beliefs so do not bring up the subject as it will only cause problems, even if their beliefs are evidently bullshit, we don't want to hear it

    15. Do not ask questions related to the Staff's personal life- it's none of your fucking business. If we wanna get to know you we'll let you know. Otherwise, do not ask, weirdo.

    16. Do not push the Red Button- I had to add a stupid rule in there but if you press the red button the site goes bye bye. Now see if you can even locate the red button, jackass.

    Thank You,

    The Staff Of Mangaworld

    Note: I know most of these rules seem kind of strict but they are necessary to ensure all members have fun and get along. Thank for you understanding, and if you don't agree then you can kiss our asses and GTFO.

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