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    Biography Rules


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    Biography Rules Empty Biography Rules

    Post  Sanji on Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:34 am

    Read this before making your Biography

    To have A Biographie for Naruto Role Playing you Must have atleast 10 post

    Certain Biographies will require special tests such as a Battle Test or Permission from a Moderator to create

    The Following Naruto Bios are Banned or Restricted

    *Rikudo Sennin - Bannned

    *Zetsu- Restricted (Requires Permission from a Mod to Create)

    *Nagato - Restricted (Requires a Battle Test and you must have been a member for more then 3 months and have Permission from a Admin)

    *Six Paths of Pain- Banned until rules are made

    *Minato- Banned till rules are made

    *Kabuto- Banned till Rules are Made

    *Danzo- Banned till Rules are Made

    *Sage Mode- Requires you to have mastery over 3 elements and you must pass a Battle test

    *Sharingan- You may only Posses up to the Third Tomoe until you become a Sensei and Pass a Battle Test

    These following Rules are Subject to Change and once rules are Made this list will be Updated
    Izuna Uchiha
    Izuna Uchiha
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    Global Moderator

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    Biography Rules Empty Re: Biography Rules

    Post  Izuna Uchiha on Tue Jun 12, 2012 12:22 am

    Bijuu bios-There are only 9 Jinchurki bios allowed.Must have permission from roleplay Admins and do battle test.
    Mei Terumi-Must have mastered Water,Fire.Must take a battle test.Needs permission from 2 roleplay mods.
    Madara-Banned till rules is made
    A-Must Master Taijutsu and Raiton and do a battle test
    3rd Raikage:Must Master Raiton and have permission from 1 Roleplay Mod

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