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    Announcment about the Staff


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    Announcment about the Staff Empty Announcment about the Staff

    Post  Sanji on Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:26 am

    From this moment on if any Staff member does not put in any work onto the Site they will be Demoted from their current rank so if your a Global Moderator then you will be Demoted to a Moderator if your a Moderator then you will be Demoted to either a Sensei Pirate King or Squad Captain if yourr one of those three you will be Demoted to a regular member

    The Administrators are doing this because of the up coming Site Switch and anyone who does not take their job Seriously will not have those Privillage if you have been Demoted then you can earn you previous spot back by Putting in a Good amount of work

    And the only Reason Administrators aren't being Demoted is because they have planning and working out ideas for the new site and have earned the right not to Post their work on this site because all are work is behind the scences

    Thank you The Staff of MangaWorld and AnimeDynasty

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