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    Ryu リュウ | 隆  25027L

    A defeat learned from is more important than an empty victory.

    Basic Information
    Name: Ryu (リュウ | 隆 | Ryū)
    Alias: The chosen one | The road | Hero | Tsuchikage
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 20's.
    Clan: Ryu リュウ | 隆  18px-Uchiha_Symbol.svg Uchiha clan - うちは一族


    Ryu is portrayed as a Japanese man whose basic and most recognizable attire consists of medium-length brown hair, brown eyes, a long, red headband, a white karate gi with the sleeves ripped off at the shoulders, completely bare feet, and a black belt. In many of his appearances, Ryu carries around a large, white duffel bag containing items important to his travels, such as clothing, Food, Weapons (such as kunais, etc), and local currency.

    A Shinobi's inner Characteristics


    Ryu is usually a silent, humble, serious individual whose severity is often juxtaposed against the light-hearted, fiery persona of his best friend, Ken. He travels the globe with a stern nature, often appearing to others as boring or detached. On rare occasion, Ryu shows a very bad sense of humor. Ryu plays the part of the wandering warrior, and takes both his travels and his training very seriously. Although he appears to be aloof and unemotional, Ryu is actually a kind and good-hearted person. He respects others with skills. He is still very quiet and reserved, but is willing to greet people with a smile and some kind advice.

    Nindō: To be the world's strongest fighter!
    Dislikes: Spiders (he once woke up with one in his mouth), materialistic people, ridiculous stuff, becoming evil.

    Life of a Shinobi

    Village of Birth: Konohagakure.
    Village of Alliance: Iwagakure.

    Rank: Kage of Iwagakure...or not? O_O
    Chakra Affinity/Specialty: Ansatsuken // Hadouken // Taijutsu // Mangekyō Sharingan
    Elements: Fire, Lightning and Wind.

    Weapons: N/A
    Kekkei Genkai: Mangekyō Sharingan



    Born in Konohagakure, As a very young child, Ryu was orphaned and left with no memories about his parents, and whether they were still alive. He was found and adopted by a man named Gouken who raised Ryu and trained him in his secluded dojo. Shortly afterwards, Gouken would later train his best friend's spoiled son, Ken Masters. Ken served not only as a sparring partner, but also gave Ryu a friend in the form of a boy his own age. Ryu looked up to Gouken as a father figure, and regards Ken as his best friend and surrogate brother, a relationship which remains to this day. after many years later, Ryu went away traveling, traveling villages after villages.

    Ryu during his journey, met a man who was known as the King of Muay Thai, Sagat. Sagat nearly beats Ryu into unconsciousness and, thinking he had won, drops his guard to help Ryu up. Ryu, however, having such a strong desire to win, strikes Sagat with a nearly-fatal Uppercut that not only knocks Sagat unconscious but also marks his chest with a great scar. After regaining consciousness and discovering what had happened, Sagat swears vengeance on Ryu.


    Ryu leaves Sagat behind and returns to his home only to find that Gouken, his master and adoptive father, has apparently been murdered. Learning that a man known as Akuma had fought and supposedly killed his adopted father, Ryu began to travel the world to find this man.

    He encounters and fights Akuma on a secluded island, but Akuma was only testing him. Akuma defeats ryu and then uses his fist to smash the island, leaving Ryu stranded.

    Sometime after escaping the island, Ryu battles Ken and loses. Ken realizes Ryu is not himself and has been deeply troubled since his last victory over Sagat. He gives him his red hairband as a reminder to stay focused, which Ryu was sincerely grateful for. Soon thereafter, a fan of his, named Sakura Kasugano, comes up and expresses her desire to train under him. Ryu replies that he himself still has much to learn, but allows Sakura to take a picture of him. She swears to make him accept her eventually.

    At some point during all this, Ryu is found by Sagat who is out for a grudge match. Ryu protests that Sagat hasn't fully recovered from their last bout, but Sagat persists. Ryu lets Sagat win rather than do any further damage, and Sagat leaves. Only later, upon reflection, does Sagat realize that Ryu held back, vowing to fight him again.


    ''When a cold wind blows it chills you, chills you to the bone,

    but there's nothing in nature that freezes your heart like years of trying to take over the world.

    It kicks you with indifference like Chun-Li kicks with a lightning kick

    and the worst of the worse, the most hated and cursed, is the one that we call Bison,

    Evil as any, and the wrath of many, this is M Bison,

    Oh, there goes Mr Of course, there goes Mr creep,

    If they gave a price for bein' evil, the winner would be him,

    Oh, Bison loves his psycho power cause he thinks it makes him superior,

    If he became a flavor you can bet he would be sour, Yuck!

    Even the vegatables don't like him

    There goes Mr Irredeemable, There goes Mr Megalomaniacal

    The undisputed master of the destructive deed

    He brainwashes martial artists for his horrifying schemes

    As humans live in misery

    It's even worse for soliders

    When will your lust for evil be sated

    He must be so lonely, he must be so sad, he goes to extremes to convince us hes bad, hes really a victim of fear and of fright,
    look close and there must be a sweet man inside... Nah! Uh-Uh!

    There goes Mr Molester, there goes Mr Pyscho

    He has no time for friends or fun

    His anger makes that clear

    Don't ask him to do a good deed cause his evilness increases

    No end of evil for those enslaved by Shadaloo

    No break for us soliders

    Bison liked destruction, he was murderous and sharper then a knife, self centered and arrogant, even worse then Hitler

    Oh, there goes Mr Smuggler, there goes Mr Jerk, He never spares, he only kills, yes, thats his only rule, if being evils a way of life, he praticed and rehearsed

    And all that work is paying off

    Cause Bisons getting worse

    Everyday in everyway, Bisons getting worse!''

    Two years later, He encounters a woman known as Rose, who has intricate ties to with a man known as M. Bison. Bison is known to be a missing-nin, and owns the Organization known as ''Shadoloo'', Which was known to use experiments on test-subjects. he was also known to be the one of most dangerous dark-release users. She tells him that he cannot defeat Bison unless he fights him at the cost of his soul. True to form, when Ryu confronts Bison, he is defeated despite putting up a valiant fight. Bison takes the semi-conscious Ryu and begins brainwashing him, somehow.

    This scene is interrupted by the entrance of Sagat, Ken, and Sakura, each of them having followed Ryu for their own reasons. While Ken and Sakura distract Bison, Sagat challenges the brainwashed Ryu. Sagat quickly notices the effects Bison's brainwashing have had on Ryu, and, at Sagat's urging, Ryu comes to his senses to confront and goes back to defeat Bison. Ryu begins to find bison, who had both defeated Ken and Sakura, and was enraged.

    ''You...what have you done to them!?''

    ''you mean these foolish imbeciles?....ha! they werent even worth my time! but what about you? have you come back for more?''

    'This time...i shall defeat you!''

    ''Nonsense! you'll never defeat me!''

    As the battle begun, Ryu and Bison began both jumping in the air. Ryu began to grab bison and threw him down on the ground, But bison, fell down on the ground with his feets on it. He turned around and was suddenly attacked by a uppercut by ryu. Bison begun to try to slam his right fist towards ryu but failed, by being uppercuted again by ryu. Bison standed up and tried to attack ryu once again, but was suddenly kicked in the chest and uppercuted again. Just as he tried to stand up again, that poor bison, he got punched in the stomach and got uppercuted again.

    Bison began sub behind Ryu and ran towards him, only to get kicked in the face and get kicked by a multiple spinning kicks. Just as he began to stand up, Bison, he beguns to run towards ryu to slam him on the ground, but fails as ryu just steped away from him. Bison begun to use a dark tech only to be cancelled by ryu using his spinning kicks again and getting uppercuted towards his...meh. O_O Bison, awkwardly, standed up but got kicked in the face by ryu and falled down on the ground, knocking him out. This would mark as the defeat of Bison.

    ''The man Rose mentioned...
    Is this the man?''

    Weirdly enough, Bison began to regain consciousness and began to stand up.

    Wha...! What!?

    Huuuh! Haa! Haa! Haaaaaaa!


    You are destined become my
    next test subject!

    Unlike Orochimaru...Even if this body is

    my soul is eternal...!
    Now, die!

    As bison finished his sentence, he began to use a dark release technique, which made ryu fall down on his knees.



    ( true nature? The power building. It wants me to destroy everything!)


    ...You have the power...

    ...Power that is evil itself... refuse my command..

    I dont believe it.....
    This is impossible....!


    Without seeing it coming, Bison was attacked by suprise by ryu, with a fatal uppercut, finishing him off.



    some months later, Ryu began to reunite with his longtime friend Ken for another rematch. During his journey he meets up with Sakura whom he encourages to train harder. Meanwhile Ryu also meets up with a former rival Sagat and remembers the promised rematch as they fought. Some days later, Ryu mets a man known as Seth, who was also a hyuga and tried to capture ryu back to konohagakure. Fortunately, Ryu defeats him effortless, and leaves.

    Ryu begins to notice Gouken an encounters him, who has in fact survived his last battle with Akuma. Ryu, sadly couldnt do anything but get knocked out by Gouken, who had noticed Akuma around the area where they are. Akuma then arrives on the scene to challenge his brother for a death duel, the winner of which will claim "the cub" (meaning Ryu). After the battle, ryu wakes up. He finds a letter which was written by Gouken. Gouken had told ryu that he had defeated Akuma and left him. Ryu begins to ask Ken to follow him and they both start to search for their old master.

    Later, Ryu and Ken chase their long-lost master along a cliff face, with Ken wanting Gouken to stick around while Ryu wishes him well. Ryu later bids Sakura farewell as she leaves for home on a ship. Some times later, having decided that his battles have made him stronger, he meets a now-older Sakura.


    Years later, Ryu enters a tournament to further advance his fighting abilities. His most notable fight during the tournament is against a giant man known as Hugo, who was able to withstand his attacks and hold his own.

    Shortly after the tournament, Ryu meets up with Ken for a friendly match.

    ''You never get bored of this, do you?''

    ''I could say the same to you...''

    ''Okay then, i'll make this quick and easy for you. Prepare for defeat!''

    ''You may think so, but I've still got the better win record! Stay strong!''

    the two began fist bumping, and begun the fight. Ryu began to strike Ken with a uppercut, which got ken hit. He then tried to hit Ken with another uppercut, but Ken blocked the attack and striked back with a fire-infused uppercut. Just as ryu standed up, he began to strike him with a spinning kick attack, which made ryu fall down again. Ryu began to stand up again and tried to hit ken back, but failed. Ken began to try to strike ryu with his uppercuts, and succeded on striking him with his fire-infused Uppercut. Ryu standed up, and striked back Ken with a uppercut. As ken standed up, Ryu started to land a kick towards his chest and made him fall down again. Ryu jumped towards ken and tried to kick him again but failed. Ken began to kick Ryu back and made him fall down. Then After BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA, Ryu defeated him etc. <_<

    Later, Ryu encounters a young man named Alex, whom he solidly defeats. Ryu encourages the young wrestler to continue honing his abilities against strong opponents. Fascinated by Ryu's skill and determined to become stronger, The man soon sets out to find Ryu for a rematch.



    "You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance."

    "You did quite well, but you need more training to defeat me!"

    "You must defeat my dragon punch to stand a chance!"

    "I look forward to our next battle."

    "You fought well. I was honored."

    "Now I will find a better challenge!"

    "What's wrong? Why do you hold back?"

    "True victory is to give all of yourself, without regret."

    "Whatever you find worthwhile in life, is worth fighting for!"

    "Your strength is equal to that of your will to win!"

    "One fight. One more step on the path to becoming a true warrior!"

    "The only way a true fighter can suffer, is by not fighting!"

    "I see a strong will to fight in your eyes! Don't give up yet!"

    "Sometimes the most important battle, is the battle within..."

    "The answer lies in the heart of battle."

    "I still don't have what it takes. I must train harder."

    "This time victory is mine."

    "You must defeat my Dragon Punch to stand a chance."

    "You must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance."













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