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    Suzume - 雀


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    Suzume - 雀

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    Basic Information
    Name: Suzume (雀)
    Red Sparrow.
    Age: 16
    Occupation[s]: Assassin.


    Extra Info

    Town of Birth: Shimotsuki Village (シモツキ村)
    Alliance: None.

    Personality: Suzume is generally a lazy person, but very serious during missions or when she's hunting a bounty. She likes to make fun of other people, though in a playful way, and is very sarcastic. Not to mention very stubborn and sometimes a little hotheaded and loud, but she only gets like that when she's relaxed and with friends. She's loyal to the bone and would never betray anyone, and never forgives traitors either. Despite that, for anything else she's quick to forgive. She doesn't make friends easily either, as she's an introvert by nature, but with friends she's a lot of fun to be around. Also intelligent and eloquent, though she tends to have a potty-mouth from time to time.

    Rank: -
    Specialty: Quick, stealthy assassinations.
    Weapons: A legendary dagger with an acidic touch. It breaks down organic substances until nothing is left, but its ability requires a lot of haki to acticate.

    Bounty: 290,000,000
    Devil Fruit/Abilities: Telekinesis through her Devil Fruit, Haki-user, Kenbunshoku Haki, Busoshoku Haki, Haoshoku Haki. Excellent speed, excellent dodger, very flexible.

    Background Info.
    History: She was born in a small village, the daughter of a greedy pirate who taught her how to kill a man from a very young age. Soon she started hunting down bounties, but she didn't want the fame so she always tried to be as stealthy about it as she could. Despite that, people still noticed her and she earned the nickname of 'Red Sparrow', Suzume meaning sparrow and red because of the red marks on her face.

    She didn't want to lead that life in the beginning, as she only brought in money for her father, but when he finally passed away she left her village and her mother behind her and set off, starting an entirely new life. Even with her excellent stealth, as she took out more well-known pirates, a few incidents with marines made her infamous, as she killed indiscriminately. If a pirate had it out for a marine, she'd gladly kill the marine for the right price, and vice versa. They were all the same to her. Still, even with all the money she earned, she felt empty and lonely.

    Then one day a bitter old pirate captain requested the head of 'Fire Fist' Ace. Suzume waved him off at first, as the man had no idea where Ace was located and she didn't want to go on a wild goose chase, but when she heard news of Ace being spotted in a village near her location, she set out immediately. He had a huge bounty, after all. She beat him in battle, but took a liking to him. He wasn't a bad guy like most bounties she went after. It seemed he was searching for a man named 'Teach'. Suzume agreed to help him out, and though she told herself it was purely business, she enjoyed the company.

    However, the two of them had to go separate ways after a while, as Suzume had some old family business to take care of - namely the debts of her father she had to pay off or her mother would get killed. Old pirate 'friends' of her dad had taken her mother hostage. Now she's taken care of that (mainly just killed the pirates who tried to harm her mother) she set out again, wondering if she'd ever see Ace again and who else she would meet on her journeys across the seas.




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