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    Fire Fist Ace

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    Fire Fist Ace

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    Basic Information
    Name: Portgas D. Ace
    Nickname: Fire fist ace, chick magnet, Milif hunter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Occupation[s]: pirate

    Looks: see picture

    Personality: fun loving pimp

    Town of Birth: Some island
    Alliance: Chicks

    Rank: second division commander in white beards army.
    Specialty: fist fighting fire
    Weapons: his fists
    Bounty: 550,000,000
    Devil Fruit/Abilities: Mera Mera no Mi

    Background Info.
    History: Ace the step brother of Luffy is the son of the pirate king Gold, D Rorger and his mother Portgas D. Rouge. He was raised along side sabo and luffy both of who'm along with him wanted to be pirates when they grew older. Howerver fate came to pass and sabo died at the hands of a fat ass from the world nobles.

    Year later Ace when Ace was 17 he set sail for the ocean blue were he encountered many friends and foes, he also came to eat the Mera Mera frut which granted him the powers of controling flames. On his journey to become king of the pirates he met a girl by the name of Britney spears, Ace didn't have any affection for britney spears but she had a longing affection for him and he did what any rational male would do in his position he @@424235232424345252354324532 her Wink and threw her out open in the sea after wards, later on he did the same to girls by name of Halley Berry, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba (his personal favorite) and of course we can't forget our very own the milif Pamela Anderson cheers

    Later on just before he meet white beard, fire fist Ace meet a girl by the name of suzie, now suzie wasn't like the girls he meat earlier, no no she certainly wasn't like that at all, for one thing she was cool and kick ass. But ace couldnt let a chick outshine so he went up to her and she basically kicked his mofo ass.

    yea i got to tired for this story yea they kick ass together and he later on dies at the hands of akainu. * will update later)



    The battle of the milifs and hoes
    Won:almost all
    zehahahahahha and akainu

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