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    The Posters! (~Updated~)


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    The Posters! (~Updated~) Empty The Posters! (~Updated~)

    Post  Suzume on Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:59 pm

    Hear ye, hear ye! Come and see the latest wanted posters, only made for the most infamous, dangerous and powerful pirates!

    Which means that if you don't see your wanted poster up here, you either suck or you're new. Or I was just too lazy to make yours. Don't worry, champ. You'll get there eventually Wink

    Note: These Wanted Posters are not necessarily of bios, but of users.

    The Posters! (~Updated~) Mk2lc

    This individual is exceptionally dangerous and elusive; so very hard to catch. Also, super hot and incredibly intelligent, very skilled, better than everyone, etc, etc... I should know, because I am this person >_>

    In any case, it is advised you do not approach me, for your own sake.

    I'm serious. I'll f*ck your sh*t up.

    The Posters! (~Updated~) 2chu7w2

    This person is not to be messed with. Unless you want a giant banhammer smashed into your face.

    Once again, it is not advised you approach him if you're out for his head. The only head that will roll will be yours, in that case.

    The Posters! (~Updated~) Wvep07

    ...Okay, so I fixed the amount xD

    This person is a master in trolling. Instead of using bans or infractions he'll probably just troll you until you become emo and commit suicide.

    The Posters! (~Updated~) 2nh3sxe

    Don't even try.

    Feel free to discuss about the bounties here (though I'm not sure what there is to discuss....)

    If you want your own wanted poster, you must meet several requirements as a pirate:

    -You're badass.
    -You've beaten at least one high-ranked and/or well-known marine.
    -You are well-known/infamous.
    -You've been on the forum for at least a month

    Furthermore, if you are a marine or a bounty hunter, and you have collected a bounty, post the wanted poster of the person you've killed/captured in your bio as evidence of your awesomeness.

    If you're a pirate, post your own wanted poster in your bio so everyone knows you're a badass. And also so they can hunt your ass down.

    Note: Discuss with another admin the amount your bounty would be worth and pass it on to me, as well as the picture you'd like me to use.

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    The Posters! (~Updated~) Tumblr_m5k0jxuNId1rwf9z1o1_400

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    The Posters! (~Updated~) Empty Re: The Posters! (~Updated~)

    Post  Sanji on Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:11 pm

    O yea I'm a wanted man Yay!!!!!!

    Now the reason I'm up there young Ones is because I'm Badass and because I'm a amazing Role Player yes that right I am but If you try to come at me, Suzume or Ace or Yubel you shall die a Horrible Painful Death and I shall burn down your Ship

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