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    Current and New Site Updates


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    Current and New Site Updates Empty Current and New Site Updates

    Post  Sanji on Mon Jun 11, 2012 4:50 pm

    Okay So Updates about this Site and the Next Upcoming Vbulletin Sitte

    This Site:

    *Bio Template added to Naruto Role Playing Biographies

    *Biography Rules Have Been Made and Are being Worked out

    *Moderator and Global Moderator Permissions Updated

    *Administrator. Global Moderator,Pirate King, Squad Captain, Sensei and Moderator Banners added

    *More Updates to come

    New Up Coming Site Updates:

    *Main Site Banner is being Made

    *Rp System being Worked out and will be closed for the ffollowing sections till everything is worked out- Naruto Role Playing, Bleach Role Playing, One Piece Role Playing, Fairy Tail Role Playing- Again this sections will not be avaible till me and The staff work out the enitre System of all of them

    *New Site Bank account will be added- For every post you will receive a certain amount of Mooney with which means you can buy certain things on the site

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